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MPC Advertising (now The Mill) add VFX to Madonna’s music video ‘Die Another Day’


MPC Advertising partners with directors TRAKTOR to add VFX to Madonna’s music video ‘Die Another Day’ from the soundtrack of the James Bond film with the same title.

Alex Lovejoy, Executive Creative Director (2D) London

“This video came at a special time at MPC, we had moved into the new building in Wardour street & London was still the only office. We had been creating some really outstanding work with promo’s and commercials we made at this time…we were pioneers, world leaders in the methodology & art of head replacement visual effects.

So, for this video I actually only worked on a couple shots. The work mainly involved head replacements for the stunt double in the sword fighting sequence. I do remember we even had to change small details such as replacing the ear for shots looking over the double’s head with Madonna’s real ear!!

And of course, it’s very exciting to have Madonna comes into the suite to view the film!”





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