Technicolor Games

Where art plays with science.

Where art plays with science.

Technicolor Games has decades of experience across the games and interactive industries.

The studio pushes the boundaries of the imagination to make big ideas a reality, by applying the best VFX, animation and games technologies​. They collaborate with leading games developers to build the most innovative gaming experiences imaginable. Technicolor Games Keyframers breathe life into award-winning projects and Art Directors empower studios from concept to execution, while the Mo-Cap team deliver highly complex in-game animations and cinematic content second to none. ​

Where art plays with science.


Capcom | Animation

Street Fighter 6

Ubisoft | 3D Art Services

The Crew Motorfest

Focus Entertainment | Concept Art, 3D Art Services & Animation

Atlas Fallen

Visual Concepts (2K) | Animation

WWE: 2K22

Ubisoft | Environment Props & Hero Assets

Rainbow Six Extraction

Visual Concepts (2K) | Animation

NBA 2K22

EA Bioware | Lighting & VFX

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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