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Working in an ethical environment is of critical importance. Ethical behavior is a top priority shared by the company’s top management at Technicolor Creative Studios. 

Technicolor Creative Studios is committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of business conduct. This commitment and our Code of Ethics require that all employees observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. Our Code consists of four basic principles: 

Respect for People 

Respect for the Environment 

Valuing Integrity  

Valuing Creativity 

In light of these principles, the Technicolor Creative Studios Ethics Compliance Committee has engaged EthicsPoint to provide employees with an anonymous and confidential means for communicating violations of local laws concerning financial and non financial matters such as (but not limited to): anti-Competition, anti-Bribery, Auditing and Accounting, Banking and Financial issues, anti-Harassment, anti-Discrimination, Human rights. Any violation of Technicolor Creative Studios Code of Ethics or any applicable law or regulation shall be communicated through the Technicolor Creative Studios Ethics Compliance Committee, either by email or by using the EthicsPoint platform. It does include concerns involving suppliers working specifically for Technicolor Creative Studios that could be raised by employees of these suppliers. 

Technicolor Creative Studios management appreciates inputs and encourages to report any instances of suspected wrong-doing. All concerns are taken seriously and Technicolor Creative Studios will not tolerate retaliation against anyone who has made a good faith report or complaint of violations of the Technicolor Creative Studios Code of Ethics, policies or any applicable law or regulation. 

The Whistleblower policy, the Ethics Compliance Committee Charter, as well as the Code of Ethics and the Anticorruption policy, are available in the CSR documentation page under the Codes and Policies section.

Concerns may be raised to : 

The Technicolor Creative Studio EthicsPoint platform here.

The Ethics Compliance Committee : 

CSR Documentation

See the list of documents available for download. Due to the recent name change, some of the Technicolor Creative Studios policies and charters will continue to appear under the Technicolor logo until they are updated.