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Our Legacy is Our Future | Christina Zervos, Head of Talent Acquisition

March 15, 2023

Our Legacy is Our Future is a 6-part YouTube series filled with insightful interviews & conversations with leading studio talent and industry experts, past and present. In this mini takeaway, we spotlight Christina Zervos, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Technicolor Creative Studios.

“The most inspiring thing about being part of an iconic company like Technicolor is the opportunity and growth, both career wise and personal. You get to work with so many amazing people from around the world, all under one roof.”

“Over my past ten years, I’ve grown exceptionally. Starting as the only senior recruiter in Montreal, I was like one of ten employees when we started the studio. I was a gay woman, and the fact that they allowed me to be myself and grow within the business is their greatest attribute.”

“Technicolor is a brave company and every day employees come to work knowing that we’re going to be challenged with what’s better, bigger, how are we going to problem solve and move forward and be a leader in the industry. The good thing about working in a global network is that we have multiple locations around the world with hundreds of nationalities, diverse opinions that really foster creativity.”

Explore the Our Legacy is Our Future Series on YouTube and discover more about our People & Culture Inside Technicolor.

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